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Dr.Shekhar Agarwal

Dr. Shekhar Agarwal

M.B.B.S., M.S.(Delhi), M.Ch.(Liverpool), F.I.C.S.
Chief Surgeon, D.I.T.O.
Delhi Institute of Trauma & Orthopaedics,
Executive Director
Sant Parmanand Hospital
Call:011-23981260 / +91-9811898880

Patient Specific Instruments

At Delhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopedics there are facilities for customizing your own personalized instruments for your knee replacement. After you decide on your surgery, an MRI of your knees will be done at the hospital to map out a complete detailed structure of your knee joint. This MRI is uploaded to the factory in USA where they create a model of your knee and develop instruments required for your operation.
These instruments are then shipped to us which are then used during your surgery. This advanced technique results in a customized operation specially for you and results in a more accurate fitting of the artificial joint. The operation becomes simpler and easier, the recovery is faster and the long-term success will undoubtedly be better.
Pre-Operation Computer Model 3D
Revision Total Knee Replacement
Patient with Osteoarthritis showing varus deformity of knees
(click image for enlarge view)
Revision Total Knee Replacement
MRI generated 3D image of the knee
(click image for enlarge view)
Instruments Post-Operation
Revision Total Knee Replacement
The patient specific instruments developed to conduct the knee replacement surgery
(click image for enlarge view)
Revision Total Knee Replacement
X rays shows optimal alignment of the implants
(click image for enlarge view)

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement primary, revision surgery Uni-Knee, Patello femoral.

Highly specialized treatment to facilitate early ambulation and movement of joint.
Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Hip Replacement primary, revision surgery Uni-Hip, Patello femoral.
Minimally invasive surgery

Highly specialized treatment to facilitate early ambulation and movement of joint.
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