Total Hip Replacement

46 years old lady was suffering from  left side hip joint since 1 year. She underwent Bilateral surface replacement of hip 12 years back . We did  conversion total hip replacement for left side with uncemented total hip replacement with ceramic on poly bearing. Post operatively patient is comfortable and walking with walker.


Revision Total Knee Replacement

58 years old lady came to us with pain in right knee. She had got right Total Knee Replacement done elsewhere in 2015. She was diagnosed as having aseptic loosening of implant in right knee.

Revision Total Knee Replacement was done with semiconstrained implant (LCCK). Patient is comfortable and walking from next day of surgery.


Complex  Primary Varus Knee

73 years old lady suffering from osteoarthritis of both knees came to us with pain and deformity both knees. She had severe varus and flexion  deformity in left knee with large tibial defect.

Total knee replacement with unconstrained implant and stem wedge for tibial bone loss was done. Patient is recovering well and walking from next day of surgery.

Complex Primary Varus Knee - Dr Shekhar Agarwal

Primary Valgus Knee

This patient, a 72 years old female presented to us with complains of pain and deformities of both knees.

She had wind swept deformity with severe valgus deformity of left knee and varus deformity of right knee. Due to left side knee she was bedridden since last 3 years.
We did Total Knee Replacement left side .

After the surgery, the deformity of the knees has been corrected and she has regained full and stable range of movement. She is walking comfortably.

Primary Valgus Knee Replacement

Revision Total Hip Replacement

A 59 years old female underwent Total Hip Replacement in 2015 elsewhere. She had a left femur fracture during surgery. The fracture was attempted to be fixed with plate two times at different hospitals. The fracture did not unite. She was bedridden due to this.

She has now undergone revision with wagner stem which bypasses the fracture. She is now walking with support after this surgery.

Revision Total Hip Replacement