Case Reviews & Testimonials

Helena Ashmore Helena Ashmore R/o UK aged 80 years had her total hip operation done in the UK. After her operation, she had several complications as she suffered from another disease called Myositis for which she was advised radiotherapy. She was refused any type of surgery in the UK. Meanwhile,her hip continued to worsen and pain increased. She came to us hoping for an alternative. A revision uncemented total hip replacement was done, and she was discharged from the hospital. She has is now walking comfortably on her new hip.

Personal Testimonial: I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone during my stay. I cannot express my gratitude for all of those who have been involved. If I had not found Dr. Shekhar through Medindia Connect, I would not be walking. A big thanks to you and bless you all.

(September 2011)

Mrs_Atsloom_Mohd_Ahmed_Al_MushaikhiMrs.Al-Mushaikhi R/o Oman aged 82 years came to us with severe arthritis of her shoulder joint. She had complete stiffness of her shoulder and could not move it. This type of arthritis is very rare and it required a special type of surgery. She received a total shoulder replacement, which after surgery, successfully allowed her to move her shoulder again. After 6 days stay at the hospital, she was discharged and was on a flight back to Oman.

Her Son’s (Dr.Khalid Al-Mushaikhi) testimonial: I would like to express my thanks to Dr.Shekhar and his team for his keen attention and staff cooperation. My stay here was very comfortable. The staff was extremely helpful and service levels were extremely good. My thanks to all.

(July 2012)

SameeraSamira 20 yrs old girl from Kabul, Afganistan had a dysplastic hip from birth resulting in shortening of the limb. She had started to develop pain due to degenerative arthritis in the last few years. Fusion of the hip was tried at Kabul but did not cure her of the pain. She underwent successful Total Hip Replacement by a special approach. After the surgery she regained her movements at the hip and the length of the leg increased. She is now able to walk without support and cane.

Personal Testimonial: I am extremely happy that I got this surgery done, as now I have no problem with walking and I no longer need a walker. There is no pain as well. The doctors were excellent and extremely helpful. God bless all of you.”

(August 2011)