Deformity Correction And Uncemented Total Hip Replacement(THR)

62 year male came with pain and limp in left hip region for the past 1 year with history of post traumatic surgically intervened left hip elsewhere
On clinical examination left hip was fixed in 20 degree adduction with fixed flexion deformity and shortening
Present x-ray showing secondary arthritic hip with implant in situ,so planned for Uncemented THR

We performed Deformity Correction +Implant removal + uncemented Total Hip Replacement(THR) with continuum Acetabular Cup, Now patient is walking comfortably with walker.


Uncemented dual mobility constrained cup with long stem Total Hip Replacement

50 years lady presented with history of multiple times surgically intervened ipsilateral fracture neck of femur and shaft of femur right lower limb. She presented to us with complaints of pain in right hip region and difficulty in bearing full weight on right leg.

Present xray showed united fracture shaft of femur with plate in situ and nonunion osteotomy site with plate in situ

We did uncemented dual mobility constrained cup with long stem Total Hip Replacement

Now patient is walking comfortably with walker.

Dysplastic Hip Uncemented-Total-Hip-Replacement

60 years female presented to the OPD with progressively increasing pain and limp right hip region for the past 2 yrs.

On examination she had severe deformities of the hip with 3 cm shortening. She was barely able to walk without support

Radiographs showed secondary OA right hip (severe dysplasia)

Management of dysplastic hip is tricky as locating true acetabulum in these cases can be difficult and challenging. Also soft tissue are severely contracted and there is alteration in the morphology of femur & acetabulum. We have done Uncemented Total Hip Replacement with acetabulum at anatomical position which requires expertise.

Now patient is walking comfortably with walker and without limp.

Dysplastic Hip Uncemented-Total-Hip-Replacement

Post traumatic Primary Complex Knee Replacement

43 yrs old lady with post traumatic surgical intervened excision Arthroplasty with stiff right knee presented to us on wheelchair with inability to walk due to her knee problem. She had severe bone loss and poor soft tissues around knee. These type of cases required meticulous dissection and great expertise for successful outcome.

We did knee replacement for this patient with specialised implant which are used in revision surgeries (Hinged Megaprosthesis on femoral side and revision component on tibial side)

Now patient is walking with walker and free of her wheelchair.

Post traumatic primary complex knee replacement

Revision Total Hip Replacement Right

62 years male is a follow –up case of NOF with ipsilateral shaft of femur right hip for which he was operated in 2000 elsewhere with Cephalo medullary nail .
In 2019 he developed post traumatic avascular necrosis of right femoral head for which he underwent cemented THR elsewhere.
In postoperative period patient developed recurrent dislocation of right hip which was reduced closed elsewhere. Now presented with dislocated hip at our center.
He was planned for revision constrained ( Dual Mobility) Total Hip Replacement (THR).
Postoperatively patient is comfortable and no dislocation occur and now walking with the help of walker.
Revision THR Right