Revision THR with Uncemeted Semiconstrained

57 years old gentleman is a follow up case of infected Total Hip Replacement (THR).
stage 1 revision was done in March,2019 .
After the hematological markers showing declining trend with no complaints.
Stage 2 revision done with uncemeted semiconstrained (dual mobility) cup with long wagner type femoral stem.
Now patient is walking comfortably


Revision Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

63 yrs old female was operated with bilateral Total Knee Replacement in 2011 complaints of pain in left knee for the past 2 yrs with difficulty in walking and sitting.

X-Rays showed the loosening of tibial component while femoral side was alright. Her blood parameters were within normal limits and skin shows no signs of infection. Thus planned for revision TKR with both femoral and tibial components.

Post operation X-Rays showing revision TKR with stem extension on both sides with medial distal augmentation was done on femoral side Now patient is walking comfortably.

Bilateral Total Hip Replacement

42 years old gentleman presented to us with pain in both hip joint for the past 4 years with limp. On examination Range of motion both hip joint were painful and restricted terminally and was unable to walk without support.

He had undergone uncemented Total Hip Replacement for both hips (same stage).  He is walking comfortably with the walker.


Total hip Arthroplasty ( Dual Mobility)

75 years old lady History of trauma to left hip region in the form of fracture acetabulum which was surgical intervened in March 2018.

After 3 months patient developed pain and limp in left hip region with difficulty in walking. On examination flexion deformity at left hip with restricted rotation and shortening was about 2.5cm.

Pre-Op x-ray shows medialization of femoral head and secondary osteoarthritis.

We did Tripolar ( Dual Mobility) uncemented Total hip Arthroplasty.

Patient is walking with walker with no complications on table.


Revision Total Knee Replacement ( RHK)

65yrs female k/c/o CAD,HTN,RA H/o bilateral TKR done in 2005. Presented to us with c/o pain in left knee with inability to bear weight over left lower limb and was wheel chair bound for the past 5 months .
On examination skin condition was normal , no sign of inflammation with mild effusion Varus instability present with Passive Rom 10 to 120 degree
Current xray shows tibial tray subsidence with loosening with varus collapse of proximal tibial bone Blood infection markers were within normal limits.
Plan for revision TKR left knee. Intraop medial defect was found on tibial side with uneven tibial surface after removal of the component Femur side component was also found to be loose with ligamentous imbalance. So RHK revision TKR was performed using medial half block on tibial side to augment the defect with stem extension and while on femur side normal component with stem extension used and inserted with cement.
After the surgery, the deformity of knee has been corrected and balanced and she has regained full and stable range of movement. She is walking comfortably.