Conversion of Failed DHS to Total Hip Replacement

CASE STUDYcase-study4

67 years old gentleman presented to us with complains of pain around right hip with difficulty in walking. He was operated elsewhere for intertrochanteric fracture femur of right side 10 yrs back (ORIF with Dynamic Hip screw) and for fracture neck of femur of left side 3 yrs back( Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty). On examination he has painful and decreased ROM at right hip with shortening of right limb. Fresh radio-graph showed changes suggestive of AVN of right femoral head with ununited fracture neck of femur and superolateral cut out of DHS screw. He has undergone removal of DHS and conversion to Uncemented Total Hip Replacement using fully porous coated long femoral stem. He had regained back his movement at right hip which are pain free and the previous shortening has also been corrected. He has now discharged and is walking comfortably without any support.