Guidelines for home after discharge

Medicines: You must follow them as mentioned in your dischargesummary.Activity / Therapy: At home you will be required to follow the sameprotocol as has been explained during the hospital stay. If you donot feel confidant you may call a physical therapist at home to helpyou become independent in walking, going up and down stairs,getting in and out of bed, and doing exercises to improve the rangeof motion and strengthen your hip joint.

Care of wound: Do not try to interfere with your dressing or wet yourhip area till stitches are out. They are usually removed two weeksafter the operation.

Do call your Surgeon if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Increased hip pain
  • ŸPain or swelling in calf or leg
  • ŸUnusual redness, heat ordrainage at the incision site
  • ŸTrouble in breathing; shortness of breath
  • ŸFever over 100 degrees F

Return to work: You can usually return to work approx. after 2- 3months or as advised by your surgeon. Car driving etc. is possibleafter 2-3 months.