Hip Replacement Guide

CONTENTSKnee Replacement Guide

01. Introduction
02. What Is Normal Hip?
03. What Is An Artificial Hip Joint?
04. What Are The Types Of Artificial Hip Joint?
05. Am I A Candidate For Total Hip Replacement Surgery?
06. What Are The Benefits Of Total Hip Replacement Surgery?
07. What Are The Risks Involved In This Operation?
08. What Is Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replecement?
09. How Long Does An Artificial Hip Joint Last?
10. What Is The Cost Of Surgery?
11. How Do I Prepare For Total Hip Joint Surgery?
12. Restrictions After Total Hip Replacement Surgery
13. Will I Be Able To Sit On Floor After Total Hip Replacement?
14. Guidelines For Home After The Discharge
15. How Do I Take Care Of My Hip?
16. Should I Consider Myself For Total Hip Replacement Surgery?