How long do Artificial Knees last?

Surgeons and manufacturers have made remarkable advances in jointreplacement technology over the last few years. The materials are long lasting and durable. The surgical methods have been fine tuned and standardized. As a result, the chances for a successful outcome are excellent.
The operation will provide pain relief for at least 10-15 years. The majorlong term problem is loosening of the prosthesis. This occurs because either the cement crumbles (as old mortar in a brick building) or thebone loosens away (resorbs) from the cement. By 10 years, 25% of totalknee replacements may look loose on X-ray, and about 10% will be painful and require reoperation. By 15 years possibly 20% may requirere-operation.
These complications are more likely in very obese or hyper active people and really depends upon how careful you are about your artificialknee joint.