Following are the essential steps that will help you get into shape before knee replacement surgery:

Commit to the success of your surgery: Working as a team you andyour family must adopt a positive attitude towards the success of your surgery. Together with your doctor you will gain a clear understandingof the common goals and expectations of the surgery.

Lose excess weight: Because excess weight causes more strain on already damaged joints, losing weight is one of the best ways toimprove the condition of your knee and optimize surgical results. Your doctor’s approval : Before surgery we would like to make sure that yourcondition is well enough to undergo this operation and also to exclude
certain conditions such as dental infection, ear, nose and throat infection, skin infection, urine infection etc.

Stop smoking: If you have not already done so, it is suggested that youstop smoking. This will be good for you during and after your surgery. Routinely blood transfusion is not necessary after Single Total KneeReplacement. But if your hemoglobin is less than 10gm% then you may require 1-2 units of blood for your operation, so kindly arrange donorsfor this purpose. If both of your knees need replacement in the same sitting, then up to 2-3 units of blood may be required depending on yourhemoglobin levels.