Infected 2nd Stage Revision Total Knee Replacement (RHK)

A 70 year old diabetic and hypertensive gentleman underwent B/L Total Knee Replacement(TKR) 2 years back. He developed pain andswelling in Right knee. For which aspiration of knee was done which confirmed infection. Initially nonoperative treatment with long term suppressive antibiotics was done which failed. Thereafter we planned for2 stage revision Total Knee Replacement(TKR).

Management of infected Total Knee Replacement(TKR) is challenging and very few centers in the country are routinely doing these cases. We at our center follow a 2 stage protocol for these cases. In the 1st stage n infected prosthesis is removed along with thorough debridement and antibiotic mixed cement spacer is placed. In the 2nd stage the spacer is removed and a revision prosthesis Right Hip Replacement(RHK) is implanted.At 2 weeks post-operatively the patient is walking comfortably with a frame.