Initial rehabilitation and exercise

The initial rehabilitation generally takes 5-7 days during the hospitalstay. It will gradually begin on 3rd day with standing, followed bytaking a few steps with the aid of a walker or crutches.You will beallowed to take weight as tolerated on the operated limb beginning2 -3 day after the surgery. Most patients with a stable hip and goodmuscles will be able to walk with the stick and will also be able toclimb stairs before discharge from the hospital.The other part of initial rehabilitation includes learning to sit andgetting up from the chair, commode shifting and physical therapy tofurther strengthen your muscle and improve your motion. You willalso be told some don’ts e.g. not to bend forward more than 90degrees, always using a thick pillow between your legs and using ahigh chair including high toilet seat (if your chair is low, using acushion is mandatory).