Persona Knee Replacement

The Next Generation in Knee Replacement is The Personalized Knee System

Dr.Shekhar is one of the few surgeons in India who offers his patients the option of the Persona Knee which provides a more natural feel than any other implant in the market today. The Persona System makes the most clinically successful knee replacement more personalized than ever by focusing on the unique needs of the patient ensuring that his or her size is matched perfectly. Surgeons trust the clinical success of this knee system because of the clinical research and development on this knee system. The research utilized analytics from both male and female genders and 1,500 different bone types from 26 different ethnicities creating the most anatomically accurate knee implant. Dr.ShekharAgarwal regularly does knee replacement surgery using the Persona Knee and the results have been very satisfactory. Case examples of the Persona Knee are shown below.
Persona Knee Implant

Osteo-arthritis with Varus Knees

Bilateral Knee Replacement Using Persona Knee

Osteo-arthritis of left knee with severe varus

Left Total Knee Replacement using Persona Implant