Revision Total Knee Replacement facebook case

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April-2014 :

Revision Total Knee Replacement Facebook case 87 year old gentleman had undergone Total Knee Replacement for both knees 14 years back. Subsequently a revision Total Knee Replacement had been done on right side in 2004 for loose implants.

Now he has presented to us with complains of abnormal mobility of left knee with inability to bear weight on left leg and difficulty in walking. Fresh radiographs and examination were suggestive of loose implants of left Total Knee Replacement(TKR) with bone loss of distal femur. He has been operated for implant removal and revision total knee replacement of left side using stem and wedges for both tibia and femur and trabecular metal block for reconstruction of femoral defect along with LCCK implant. He has been discharged and regained a good pain free and stable range of motion at his left knee. He is also able to walk comfortably