Bilateral Primary Total Hip Replacement

57 years old gentleman came with complaints of pain in both hips and difficulty in walking and doing daily routine activities for the past 5yrs. On Clinical examination all movements of hip were restricted and painful.

Preoperative xray showed arthritic (damaged) bilateral hip with avascular necrosis. We planned for bilateral hip replacement. These cases require meticulous preoperative and intraoperative planning to avoid limb length discrepancy with exact similar surgical procedure at both sides.

Postoperative X-Ray showed uncemeted hip replacement with equal limb length. Now patient is walking comfortably with walker.

Bilateral Primary Total Hip Replacement

Revision Total Hip Replacement

55 years old lady came to us with complaints of pain in right hip with shortening of 5 cm. She had a hip replacement 40 years back which had failed. She was barely managing with a walking stick till now. She had severe pain for the last 6 months. We performed Total Hip Replacement. The acetabulum bone was inadequate which had to be supported with a special implant called Mueller’s Ring into which a poly cup was cemented. The shortening was also corrected and she now has a pain free stable hip.

Revision Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement (Dual Mobility)

66 years old lady presented with pain, limp and inability to bear full weight over left lower limb for the past 1 year.

Patient had history of surgical intervention done elsewhere in view of proximal femur fracture 1 year back. Fracture was fixed with short PFN A2. Surgical site has been healed with primary intention and has no sign of infection. Her blood investigations were also come to be within normal limits.

Present X-Ray showing non union fracture proximal femur with Failed PFN in situ.

Thus planned for PFN removal and conversion to UNCEMENTED (DUAL MOBILITY) THR with long stem to bypass the distal screw.

Post op showing well press fit uncemented Total Hip Replacement (THR) with dual mobility cup to enhance the stability. These cases are challenging due to presence of ununited fracture in proximal femur and needs extra care for stability. We routinely do these cases with good outcomes using special dual mobility cup concept.

Now patient is happy, walking comfortably with support.


Total Hip Replacement Dual Mobility