Uncemented dual mobility constrained cup with long stem Total Hip Replacement

50 years lady presented with history of multiple times surgically intervened ipsilateral fracture neck of femur and shaft of femur right lower limb. She presented to us with complaints of pain in right hip region and difficulty in bearing full weight on right leg.

Present xray showed united fracture shaft of femur with plate in situ and nonunion osteotomy site with plate in situ

We did uncemented dual mobility constrained cup with long stem Total Hip Replacement

Now patient is walking comfortably with walker.

Left Periprosthetic Femur Fracture

Case Study


SM 62 years female (follow up case of left Total Hip Replacement in 2010) fell down at home and sustained periprosthetic fracture of femur. With increasing number of hip replacements periprosthetic fracture are also becoming common. Managing this fracture is difficult as they are prone to delayed and non union. We routinely get patients with periprosthetic fracture in our department and with time we have gained expertise in treatment of these fractures. In this patient, implant was well fixed so we did Open Reduction and internal fixation (long reverse Distal Femoral Locking Plate). Patient is comfortable and walking with walker.

Total Hip Replacement for Post Traumatic Arthritis of the hip.


case-study4JULY, 2015 :
70 years old gentleman presented to us with pain in the left hip since last 6 months . He had a hip fracture 2 yrs back which was operated (CRIF with DHS) . He was not able to load his left lower limb and his activities were severely restricted. At present he was household ambulator with support.
We have removed the previous implant and done uncemented Total hip Replacement with long femoral stem. Postoperatively patient is comfortable and walking independently.

Total Hip Replacement


case-study4MAY, 2015 :
LR 82 years old gentleman fell at home and sustained fracture intertrochanteric femur which was operated with DHS. Due to poor bone quality the implant failed. Conversion cemented Total Hip Replacement was done . However due to poor bone quality acetabular component got debonded from the parent bone and he presented with hip dislocation after 1 week of surgery .

Revision acetabular reconstruction was done with Muller s ring and constrained polyethylene acetabular component. Post operatively patient is walking comfortably.

Total Hip Replacement

case-study4FEB, 2015 :
Total Hip Replacement SM 53 years old gentleman presented to our hospital with pain in right hip following RTA. He had right Total Hip Replacement 10 years back and was walking comfortably before trauma. X-rays revealed fracture of the pelvic bone (Acetabulum) with posterior dislocation of the acetabular component. Fixation of acetabulum fracture with screws followed by revision of the acetabular component with uncemented cup was done . As the femoral component was well fixed it was not revised. Post operatively patient is comfortable.