Total Hip Replacement

case-study4JAN, 2015 :
RM 60 old gentleman presented to us with pain and stiffness in both the hip joints since 30 years. He is a known case of progressive disease known as anyklosing spondylitis . In this disease there progressive fusion of spine, sacroiliac joints and hip joint etc. Due to his disease he has become bedridden and was not able to do his normal daily activities. We have performed bilateral Uncementd Total Hip Replacement (with use of femoral head autograft to lateralize the cup) and bilateral adductor tenotomy. After surgery we have achieved good range of motion in both the hip joints. Post operatively patient is comfortable and walking with the help of walker.

Total Hip Replacement

case-study4DEC, 2014 :
Total Hip Replacement DP 55 years old gentleman presented with pain and limp right lower limb. He had partial replacement for fracture neck of femur. He had to undergo Total Hip Replacement in 2000 because of progressive pain. Patient started to develop severe pain in the right hip for last 4 yrs. We did Re- Revision Total Hip Replacement with special implant (Continum cup for acetabulum and Wagner stem for femur). Because of advancement in technology new stems are now available in the market which allow patient to undergo multiple repeat surgeries if needed without compromising on the quality of life. This patient is walking comfortably in the post operative period. It is no longer required to be on bed after revision hip replacement.

Revision Total Hip Replacement

63 yrs old lady presented to us with complains of pain around Left hip with difficulty in walking. She is a operated case of bipolar Talwalkar prosthesis for fracture neck of femur done 4 years back. Radiographs shows protrusio of the implant . Implant removal and revision Total Hip Replacement was done (Uncemented acetabulum and cemented femoral stem). Postoperatively patient is walking comfortable with walker.

Total Femur Replacement with constrained Hip and Knee done

84 years old lady presented to us with pain in the right thigh and difficulty in walking . She is a operated case of revision Total Knee Replacement(TKR) with allografting (revised 5 times earlier) . Preoperative Radio-graphs shows loosening of the femoral stem. Total Femur Replacement with constrained Hip and Knee done (Tibial Component not revised).

Metal on poly Total Hip Replacement


Sep-2014 :
62 years old lady had subtrochanteric fracture for which IM Nail was done. This failed within 1 month of surgery for which fixation with DCS was done along with bone grafting. Post operative period was uneventful but 5 months after this surgery the DCS broke with clear evidence of non union of the fracture. For this difficult case this plate was removed and it was decided to convert this into uncemented long stem metal on poly Total Hip Replacement. Following surgery the patient is comfortable and mobilizing with the help of walker.