How do I prepare for Total Hip Replacement ?

Before surgery your surgeon will like to ensure that your condition iswell enough to undergo this operation. He will also like to excludecertain conditions likely to affect this surgery.

Being overweight, smoking and consuming alcohol in largequantities will affect the outcome of your surgery.

Inform your doctor about any focus of infection e.g. dental, throat,boil/furuncule (skin infection), urinary tract infection etc. They mustbe treated before you can be taken for this surgery.

Blood requirement will be determined as per your haemoglobin levelbefore operation. Blood transfusion is not usually required forPrimary Total Hip Replacement. However upto 3-4 units of bloodmay be required for revision surgery.

Inform your doctor about anti-rheumatoid medicines, painkillers etc.before the operation as some of them may need to be stopped orchanged.

Commit to the success of this surgery. Accept its limitations.