What are the risks involved in this surgery ?

  1. Anaesthesia related complications: they are same as in any other major surgery.
  2. Any major surgery related complications: they are blood clots in the leg ( deep vein thrombosis), or in the lung (pulmonary embolism) etc.
  3. Total hip surgery related complications: they are less common. Some of these cases may even require a revision surgery. Some of these complications are:
    Dislocation of the artificial hip joint: Incidence of this complication is low and most of them normally require closed reduction and splinting. But if the artificial joint dislocates repeatedly, then a revision surgery may by required.
    Infection : it is the most significant complication in the artificial hip joint.
    However, the incidence of serious hip joint infection is very low ( less than 1%) . Most of these infections (superficial or deep) respond favorably to antibiotics, but if the discharge continues, then one may require removal of artificial hip joint for the control of infection. Minor leg length difference Stiffness
  4. The major long- term problem is loosening of the hip joint prosthesis. The other long- term complication is wearing of the plastic cup.
  5. Fracture neck of femur in Surface Hip Replacements, especially in 1st 6 months after surgery.