Total Knee Replacement-Revision(TKR)

A 48 year old gentleman underwent bilateral primary Total Hip Replacement in 1994. A revision Right Total Hip Replacement(THR) was done in 1997 due to early component loosening. He was comfortable for the last 15 years. He presented to us with complaints in hip and thigh region since last 1 year. Pain had progressively increased over a period of time. On examination there was no gross instability or any evidence of infection. X-rays showed loosening of the femoral component.
A re-revision Total Hip Replacement with uncommented acetabular cup and long uncommented Wagnerstem has been done. Patient was comfortable and walking with a frame at 2 weeks.

Left Periprosthetic Femur Fracture

Case Study


SM 62 years female (follow up case of left Total Hip Replacement in 2010) fell down at home and sustained periprosthetic fracture of femur. With increasing number of hip replacements periprosthetic fracture are also becoming common. Managing this fracture is difficult as they are prone to delayed and non union. We routinely get patients with periprosthetic fracture in our department and with time we have gained expertise in treatment of these fractures. In this patient, implant was well fixed so we did Open Reduction and internal fixation (long reverse Distal Femoral Locking Plate). Patient is comfortable and walking with walker.

Total Hip Replacement

Case Study

34 years old lady had developmental dysplasia of right hip. She had limp while walking since childhood for which she was operated 3 times . She now had difficulty in walking and her right leg was short by 6 cm. We did Uncemented Total Hip Replacement in which we create new artificial joint. Total Hip Replacement in dysplastic hip is technical challenging surgery and very few centers across India are successfully performing this surgery. Now her legs are equal and her walk has improved. She is very happy with the result of operation.


Total Hip Replacement – Post traumatic arthritis of left hip

Case Study

Total hip Replacement (THR)-DEC-2015:
RNG 66 M presented to us with post traumatic arthritis of left hip . He sustained fracture acetabulum following road traffic accident which was treated non operatively . He complained of inability to bear a weight on left side lower limb due to severe pain and was bedridden . We performed uncemented Total hip Replacement (THR). THR in acetabular fracture is technically demanding and high level of surgical expertise is require for performing this surgery. Post operatively patient is happy and ambulatory with the help of walker.

Total HIP Replacement

case-study1AUGUST, 2015 :
28 years female presented to us with pathological fracture of right hip. She had aggressive tumor ( Giant Cell tumor) of the proximal femur for which curettage was done 3 months back. Now she was completely bed ridden because of the fracture and recurrence of tumor. Previously there was very limited options for treatment of such patients and most the patients remain bed ridden for rest of his life. With the evolution of modern orthopaedics and surgical expertise we were able to take out the tumor and replace the lost bone with the metallic part. Posopertavely patient is comfortable and out of her bed.