Valgus Knees – Total Knee Replacement

60 years old lady came with complaints of pain in both knees and valgus deformity. She had past history of operation around both knees in her childhood for deformity correction. Pre-op x-rays shows arthritic knee with severe valgus deformities. Thus she planned for Total Knee Replacement staged wise due to obesity and diabetes. This procedure requires special planning and implants.
Patient underwent Right Total Knee Replacement with stem tibial component, augmentation of tibial defects with screws and patella resurfacing.
Now patient is comfortable and walking with walker.

Valgus Knees - Total Knee Replacement

Infected 2nd Stage Revision Total Knee Replacement (RHK)

A 70 year old diabetic and hypertensive gentleman underwent B/L Total Knee Replacement(TKR) 2 years back. He developed pain andswelling in Right knee. For which aspiration of knee was done which confirmed infection. Initially nonoperative treatment with long term suppressive antibiotics was done which failed. Thereafter we planned for2 stage revision Total Knee Replacement(TKR).

Management of infected Total Knee Replacement(TKR) is challenging and very few centers in the country are routinely doing these cases. We at our center follow a 2 stage protocol for these cases. In the 1st stage n infected prosthesis is removed along with thorough debridement and antibiotic mixed cement spacer is placed. In the 2nd stage the spacer is removed and a revision prosthesis Right Hip Replacement(RHK) is implanted.At 2 weeks post-operatively the patient is walking comfortably with a frame.

Total Knee Replacement


case-study4JUNE, 2015 :
61 year old lady presented to us with infection of right side knee which underwent Total Knee Replacement 3 months back. She was in severe pain and was unable to bear weight on right side lower limb. Managing Infected Total Knee Replacement is a challenge and very few centers in India are managing these cases. We at our center follow 2 stage protocol for treatment of these case. In 1st stage the implants are removed and thorough debridement is done to clear of all the infection and antibiotic spacer are put for 3 months to clear the residual infection.

In 2nd Stage the antibiotic spacer are removed and revision Total Knee Implants are put. Patient can walk from 2nd post op day after this surgery. After surgery our patient is comfortable and walking independently. There are no signs of residual infection.

Total Knee Replacement

case-study4DEC, 2014 :
NP 51 years old gentleman presented with deformed knee. Whenever the patients try to walk he would give way. As a result the patient almost became bedridden for the last 1 yr. Patient had a history of trauma 22 years back and uncontrolled diabetes. Because of the trauma the ligaments which give stability to the joint had been completely damaged. Thus he could not undergo conventional Total Knee Replacement. Previously such patients were advised a knee fusion in which patient is unable to move the knee. This patient underwent Left Total Knee Replacement with special implant (Rotating Hinge Knee). With this special implant we have relieved him of pain as well as given him a good range of movement of the knee. Patient is comfortable and walking pain free with full weight bearing.