Mr JB Singh, 36 yrs.

For JB Singh, the pain in joints started suddenly, he took some painkillers but the pain still persisted and when investigations were done he was recommended a surgery for his hips. He resisted the ultimate till it started impacting his daily life’s routine. Simple things like using the toilet became ... Read more..

Mr. B.R. Maheshwari, 77 yrs.

An early riser, an avid morning walker Mr. Maheshwari started having pain in his left knee and even a short walk became difficult. For 3-4 years he took pain killers off and on till taking a round around his hospital and climbing stairs became a task for him. At that ... Read more..

Mr. Vipin Kumar, 39 yrs

For Mr. Vipin Kumar pain started suddenly sometime in May, 2005, with an intense pain in his thigh which was not relieved even after pain killers. He was hospitalized and cold decompression and physiotherapy was tried but still there was no relief. Soon he had to resort to using a ... Read more..

Mr. Madhu Sudan Kadam, 44 yrs.

Lack of proper blood circulation and pain made walking difficult for Mr. Kadam. Soon squatting and sitting were painful as well. Painkillers were of no use to him. When doctor suggested for surgery, Mr. Kadam’s only brief to the doctor was that the best possible implant available should be used. ... Read more..

Mrs. Usha Sharma, 50 yrs.

After her last child was born 20 years ago, she started back pain. She took pain killers which were soon become ineffective. She tried homeopathy for sometime and sailed along with the pain but last two-three years before the surgery were unbearable. So she got both sides of her replaced ... Read more..