Total Hip Replacement Bilateral : B. K. Bhuwania, 68 years

1.Procedure, treatment and overall experience was very good. 2.Dr. Shekhar Agarwal, his team, his work is very very good. 3.Surgery was performance well and too my satisfaction. 4.Post operative case was also good. And to my satisfaction. Couple of Recommendations Pre surgery, During Hospital stay, upon discharge- checklist’s should be provided. Total Hip Replacement Bilateral, B. ... Read more..

Smt. Prabhawati Tiwari, 78 years

This on behalf of patient: I am very happy with my procedure. from Dr. Shekhar  Agarwal’s team to nursing staff, coordinator were very supportive. i had very good experience. Read more..

Knee Surgery : Pushpa Chawla, 74 years/F

Had a very nice experience. All staff is very supportive. Pushpa Chawla, 74 years/F Knee Surgery DOA – 02/05/2016 DOS – 03/05/2016 DOD – 07/05/2016 Read more..

Bilateral Knee Replacement : Mahinder Pal Singh, 63 years

Everything right from admission & discharge was an excellent experience. Dr. Shekhar Agarwal and his team are wonderful persons and very caring. I thank Almighty God that I was in the last hands for my total knee replacement surgery. My sincere thank to Dr. Shekhar Agarwal and his team. May ... Read more..

Roshan Lal Agarwal, 66 years

Both Knee replaced by surgery by Dr. Shekhar Agarwal. Thanks Roshan Lal Agarwal, 66 years DOA – 28/04/2016 DOS – 04/05/2016 DOD – 29/04/2016 Read more..