Mr Ashok Marwah, 60 yrs.

The worst nightmare for an aging sportsman is immobility, and that is what happened to Mr. Marwah 7-8 years back. A table tennis lover used to get fatigue with just after one game or so. Later, he even started limping and a walk of 500 meters became extremely painful. Once he got Nextgen Hi flex, he started walking without stick by the 20th day itself. Now, he plays table tennis, practices yoga and even a brisk walk of half an hour daily.

He says, my youth has come back and sings the popular hindi song aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai.


Mr Surendre Singh Oberoi

Driving his scooter with his wife along Mr. Oberoi was returning home on a sedate day on 23rd August, 07. He never thought that this ride could change his life forever as he met with a serious accident and landed in a hospital with broken shoulders. After Zimmers periarticular plates and about just two months post surgery Mr. Oberoi can do all his daily activities on his own like taking bath, wearing clothes without anybodys help and even attends his office. But he says the greatest joy I got was when I tied my turban on my own after so long.


Mr JB Singh, 36 yrs.

For JB Singh, the pain in joints started suddenly, he took some painkillers but the pain still persisted and when investigations were done he was recommended a surgery for his hips. He resisted the ultimate till it started impacting his daily lifes routine. Simple things like using the toilet became difficult. He was always angry as he was always in pain. After one and half years of pain one day he thought enough is enough and just demanded surgery from the doctor. Three years later he finds dramatic change in his lifestyle as he says this is the most gratifying procedure which one can have. Mr Singh further adds, Earlier even getting in my car so difficult and now I can drive for ten hours.

Mr. B.R Maheshwari, 77 yrs.

An early riser, an avid morning walker Mr. Maheshwari started having pain in his left knee and even a short walk became difficult. For 3-4 years he took pain killers off and on till taking a round around his hospital and climbing stairs became a task for him. At that point he decided for surgery. Choosing Zimmer implant was an obvious choice as his hospital exclusively uses Zimmer implant. It took him just five days after the surgery to start walking on his on. Now he walks six Km daily. Everything has changed now, I am enjoying life as never before, was his take on how he feels now after the surgery.

Mr. Vipin Kumar, 39 yrs.

For Mr. Vipin Kumar pain started suddenly sometime in May, 2005, with an intense pain in his thigh which was not relieved even after pain killers. He was hospitalized and cold decompression and physiotherapy was tried but still there was no relief. Soon he had to resort to using a stick but still he was not relieved of the pain. He suffered pain for almost a year before he went for the hip surgery in July,2006 when he was fitted with Durom from Zimmer. Now at home he doesnt use the stick but outside he even uses the stick as he is not very confident on himself without the stick.

Mr Madhu Sudan Kadam, 44 yrs.

Lack of proper blood circulation and pain made walking difficult for Mr. Kadam. Soon squatting and sitting were painful as well. Painkillers were of no use to him. When doctor suggested for surgery, Mr. Kadams only brief to the doctor was that the best possible implant available should be used. The surgeon showed the implant Versys from Zimmer to him and gave lot of confidence as well. He was operated on Sep, 06 and now after almost a year he can do all his activities at his factory and home on his own. He walks, drives his car and says even folding legs doesnt pain me now. When asked how he feels now after the operation, he says in hindi, main bahut achcha mehsoos karta hun (I feel really good).

Mrs. Usha Sharma, 50 yrs.

After her last child was born 20 years ago, she started back pain. She took pain killers which were soon become ineffective. She tried homeopathy for sometime and sailed along with the pain but last two-three years before the surgery were unbearable. So she got both sides of her replaced with in the gap of 2 months in year 2005. Earlier, she used to think how she would be able to get her daughter married but last November she got her daughter married. She used to run a school earlier which got affected by her condition. Now she says, she plans to start her school again.

Mrs Reena Wahal, 32 yrs.

Mrs Wahal had rheumatoid arthritis and getting a treatment for it since 1999, but two years back she slipped and injured herself badly. She had intense pain and she started limping soon after. Her walking and prolong standing started decreasing day by day. Before family functions she had to take pain killers in advance. After her surgery in May, 2007, when she was implanted Duromshe goes to the market, drops her daily to the school bus and says, there is extreme change in my life now.

Mrs. Pushpa Bhargava, 70 yrs

She was just pulling it out, complains Mrs. Pushpa Bhargav as pain in her knees in last two years was making all her daily activities hampered. She was not able to stand for more than half an hour in parties and climbing stairs was up hill task. She took lots of pain killers but pain never subsided. In June 2004 she underwent the knee surgery and Zimmers Nextgen hi flex was implanted. Now, she has more cheerful life, her life style is much better. She says, rather than suffering everybody should go for surgery.

Pratibha Arora, 52yrs.

A senior librarian, Mrs. Arora was finding the climb of the two steps of reception in her school very difficult just 6 months back. Now,she has just returned from Shirdi and she walked the entire length as any other devotee. Earlier, she had continuous pain for quite a few years, with painkillers in the mainstay. When the doctor advised for surgery she had some concerns so took her time in reading a lot on the surgery, the implant and other related things and chose the summer vacation time for surgery. She was put with Gender from Zimmer and she reaches her first floor library without any problems and usually have a round of the entire library every half an hour.She feels the advise of the doctor and will power of the patient is the most important thing for success of a surgical procedure.

Bryan John Power 69yr Male Uncemented THR

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Ernest Blackler 76yr Male Right Total Knee Replacement

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Helena Ashmore 80yr Female Myositis Excision of Right Hip

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Mr. Murad Ali, 65 yrs male R/o Afganistan came to us because of sever arthritis in both of his knees. He was crippled to the extend that he was barely able to walk. both his knees were replaced at our hospital at the same time. He made an uneventful recovery and flew back to Afganistan in good condition.

Patient’s Remark : My fathers total knee replacement in Parmanand hospital New Delhi was one of my most successful in whole life. My father was thinking that his knee can not return to a satisfied situation , but here Dr. Shekhar Agarwal and his whole team made it. I lost one of sister in a very simple operation in Kabul. That is why i was very worried. But now i am very happy that my father can walk. Thanks to all Parmanand Staff.
S/o Patient. : Mahdy Mehraeen ( Afganistan)

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Mr. Murad Ali, 65 yrs male

Mr. Liaquat abdullah , 59 yrs male R/o Karachi in Palistan came to us because of infection in his right knee following Total Knee Replacement. 2 attempts were made to cure the infection and do revision surgery in Pakistan. He underwent revision surgery at our hospital on 02.02.11 and he is doing fine since then.

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Mr. Liaquat abdullah , 59 yrs male

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