Total Hip Replacement

case-study4December 30, 2013 :

48 years old gentleman had infection of the right hip in his childhood. He has been walking with severe pain for the last 40 years. In addition he had shortening of 8 cm. He had tried to get his treatment when he was young from many centres around his city of residence. He was not given any satisfactory advise. For the last 20 years he had resigned himself to the thought that he could get no relief. The pain became so severe in the last 6 months that he was almost bedridden. He came to us with the gentle plea that he wanted to be mobile and not dependent on anybody at this young age. He underwent total hip replacement by a special surgical exposure technique called Trochanteric Slide Osteotomy. His shortening is now only 2 cm which the body can compensate very well. His pain has gone and he is walking happily with his family and children.