Total Hip Replacement


case-study4January 11, 2014 :

37 years young lady presented to us with pain in the right hip on walking. She had a fracture of the roof of the hip joint(acetabulum). She had undergone surgery for the fracture which had healed. A lot of patients develop arthritis of the hip joint after this kind of fracture. This lady not only had pain but also shortening of the affected leg. She wanted correction of both the pain and the shortening. She successfully underwent Total Hip Replacement. The advantages of modern surgical techniques that we use are as follows:

1. We used a Ceramic head for this lady which is the latest bearing surface being used all over the world for ladies.

2. We corrected all the shortening at the time of surgery and thus patients legs are now equal in length.

3. By doing Minimal Invasive Surgery we did not remove her old implants as removing old implants leads to more damage to the bone as per current understanding.