Total Hip Replacement for Neglected Fracture Dislocation of Hip


June-2014:Total Hip Replacement for Neglected Fracture Dislocation of Hip. Facebook case

This patient, a 44 years old gentleman from Bangladesh, has presented to us with deformity at right hip with shortening of right lower limb. He had a history of road traffic accident in 2012 and was managed primarily in Bangladesh. He had a fracture dislocation of right hip which was missed initially by the primary surgeon. The fresh radiograph showed dislocated right hip with changes suggestive of AVN of femoral head. CT scan of pelvis with 3D reconstruction was done and revealed posterior acetabular wall defect with dislocated hip. Now he has undergone right uncemented Total Hip Replacement with reconstruction of acetabular defect using bone graft fixed with screws and trabecular metal continuum shell. His deformity and shortening of right lower limb has been corrected. He has been discharged and walking comfortably and painfree without any support.