Total Knee Replacement

case-study4DEC, 2014 :Total Knee Replacement:
Raj Rani 72 years lady suffering from pain in the both knees from last 10 yrs with severe limitations of activities . She was almost bedridden for the last 2 yrs. She was found to be having osteoarthritis of the both knees resulting in Severe Varus deformity with bone loss. The experience of surgeons in treating this kind of deformity is limited. Large volume centres like Delhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics (DITO) at Sant Parmanand Hospital get lot of patients with these deformities. Surgeons should always keep special constrained implants in these cases. We also keep such special implants (LCCK) at our disposal. On the left side we used LCCK with wedge augment and the right side we built up the tibial condyle with bone from distal femur cut and then used LCCK with wedge augment . Patient is doing well in the recovery period.