Total Knee Replacement

CASE STUDYcase-study4

February 12, 2014 :

56 years old lady , 11 years post bilateral Total Knee Replacement. Developed acute infection on the left knee. Debridement carried out but infection did not settle. Patient taken up for 2 stage revision surgery.

1. 1st stage revision done and k- nail along with antibiotic loaded cement spacer placed in the joint.

2. Wounds healed but patients presented with supracondylar fracture 9 weeks after the 1st stage revision.

3. She was taken up for revision surgery. Thorough debridement was done.

4. Bone defects on the femur and the tibial side were reconstructed with trabecular metal cones and Rotating hinge- Total knee replacement with long intramedullary stem on the femur.