Trabecular Metal l For Hip Surgery

Trabecular Metal Hip “The Best Thing Next to Bone”

The biggest challenge in Revision Hip Surgery is management of bone loss. Trabecular metal has been developed to augment this bonedeficiency. Its strength, elascticity and structure is almost identical to bone. These unique features allow bone to grow over its surface. Different shapes and sizes are commercially available to fit into specific bone defects.

Bone vs. Trabecular Metal
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Micro photograph showing structure similar to bone (clickimage for enlarge view)
Pre-OperationTrabecular Metal Implants
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Loose cemented hip prosthesis with severe bone loss in the acetabulum.(clickimage for enlarge view)
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Trabecular metal cup and buttress augment used in the revision. (clickimage for enlarge view)
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Restoration of normal anatomy and reconstruction of the revised hip.
(clickimage for enlarge view)