You will continue to take medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

Continue to walk with crutches / walker
Bear weight and walk on the leg as much as is comfortable
Walking is one of the better kinds of physical therapy and is good formuscle strengthening
The success of the operation depends to a great extent on how well you dothe exercises and strengthen the muscles
Continue to wear your knee immobilizer as instructed
Our ultimate aim is that you should be able to bend your knee to at least 90degrees (usually more) and be able to strengthen your knee.
Within six weeks after surgery, most patients are able to walk with a cane.

Other considerations:
Do not wet the knee until after the stitches are removed
You can usually return to work within 2-3 months or as instructed byyour doctor.
You should not drive a car until your doctor has advised you to

Care of the wound:
Keep the incision clean and dry. If there is any swelling, redness ordrainage from the incision site, or if you have any pain or fever, report this immediately to your doctor. The stitches are removed at about twoweeks after the operation.