What happens during my stay at the hospital ?

Medical and Lab evaluation: You would be admitted a day prior tothe surgery. Your will be reviewed by your surgeon and a team of ananesthetist, physician and physiotherapist on the day of admission.All your investigations including blood, urine, X-ray Chest & ECG willbe taken and a fresh X-ray of the affected hip will also be taken. Youwill be advised some basic exercises of hip, knee and chest.

Operation preparation: You will be required to scrub the surgicalwater the night before and on the morning of surgery, you will behelped by a nursing aid, after which she will cover your hip and thiswith a sterile towel. After midnight, you will not be able to eat ordrink.On the operation day: For surgery we prefer to anaesthetize yourlegs only by spinal – epidural anaesthesia or alternatively you may begiven General Anaesthesia. The duration of surgery routinely is 11/2to 2 hours. Your doctors will talk to your family after the surgery toreport your progress. Some of you may have to stay in the ICU themonitoring of vital parameters for a day.

After the surgery: Immediately after the operation for few days atriangular pillow is used in between the legs. It is a must, though itmay be little uncomfortable. The drainage tubes are removed on the2nd post operation day and the dressing is changed on 3rd postoperation day. You will be allowed to sit up in the bed from 2nd dayonwards. A physiotherapist will help you do hip and knee exercisesand chest physiotherapy.