Arthroscopic surgery is very successful in relieving the pain and swelling from a torn meniscal cartilage. However, the results of arthroscopic surgery for arthritis alone are somewhat unpredictable. While it is relatively easy to excise or repair a torn meniscus, not much can be done if the articular cartilage is significantly frayed or worn from the ends of the bones (arthritis). Current technology does not allow surgical repair or regeneration of the surfacecartilage. In some select cases where only a small area (around one centimeter) of cartilage is missing from the ends of the bones, the bone can be drilled to stimulate a scar to form on the end of the bone. This scar may reduce the pain but it is not as good as normal cartilage. Overall, the results of arthroscopy in arthritic knee is unpredictable and is helpful in only those cases where there are mechanical symptoms due to torn meniscus or loose bodies.