What is Total Hip Replacement?

Total Hip Replacement is one of the most successful operations for people who suffer from extreme pain in their hip joint. You may have likely already tried alternative treatment such as pain medicine, bone supplements and physiotherapy.

If you have decided that you need this operation, here at Delhi Institute of Trauma & Orthopedics, we are committed to making your recovery a comfortable and successful one. Furthermore, improvements in the design of hip implants and development of newer and less invasive surgical techniques improve recovery time.

The results of this operation can vary depending upon your pre existing medical conditions such as diabetes, your overall health, obesity and type of ailment that you may have.

Hip Replacement

The hip joint is one of the largest weight bearing joints of the body. Most of our activities like walking, jumping, sitting, squatting, dancing, swimming, climbing etc. depend on our hip as it provides mobility along with stability. In routine life our hip moves millions of times to perform the above activities without even knowing.


However, once it is damaged not only does the hip become stiff, we also start to walk with a painful limp and every step needs considerable effort, restricting our activities significantly. It is only then that we come to realize how much freedom of movement means to us.

Replacement of hip joint is a well established and a very successful operation for the last 50 years in which the diseased hip joint is replaced with an artificial hip joint.

It not only provides you freedom from pain, and stiffness, but also improves the quality of life. This specialized operation is now very successful and has been accepted very well both by the medical fraternity and society.

This handbook aims at providing you information about Total Hip Replacement surgery. It discusses in brief the various issues related to the surgery and its after care helping you prepare for this operation.